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Default Re: Justifying A GeForce GTX 275

Originally Posted by Bigbuck View Post
Not to mention Phsyx is definitely not a selling point. It does absolutely nothing in games that do not use it and there are not many well known games that use it.
Your kidding right? that link you posted proves just how nice having physx capable hardware really is. That is a load of games and its only a partial list at that.

My latest experience with ATI vs Nvidia is that while the newer ATI cards can sometimes hold a fairly high framerate I find it isnt always consistent, for example when things heat up in a game aka explosions or a lot of characters running around the Nvidia cards seem to hold up much better in the min FPS department and I believe this is due to the higher texture and rops count of the GTX 275. This just makes for a much smoother gaming experience overall as I find the Frame rates to be more consistent with Nvidia's latest hardware.

But yes, as you said overall the two cards are pretty close together for the most part. Either card is a good choice, I just prefer the 275 to the 4890 for the above mentioned reasons.

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