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Default Re: Justifying A GeForce GTX 275

I upgraded from an 8800GTS like you have to a GTX 275 and I think you'll be extremely happy if you do it.... I certainly am. I'm even using my 8800 GTS in the system as a dedicated Physx processor.

I used to be all about ATI but I never could stomach the shadow quality in almost every game out at the time of my last card. That was my deciding factor when I switched to Nvidia and I would be hard pressed to ever consider going back. I don't know if their shadow quality has been fixed or not, but I don't even care to find out. I've been nothing short of happy with every nVidia card I've had since then (2x 7800 GS AGP cards, 8800 GTS, GTX 275).

Go ahead and get yourself the card, you won't be disappointed.
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