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Default Re: Vista Service Pack 2 does not appear in Winupdate because of nVidia driver "updat

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
My crystal ball tells me your stay here will be a short one...
and your thin veil barely hides your... nvm

Us guys with big post counts stay rough here because we can either play ball as well as goof off, or everyone just ignores us.

Anyway did the direct download install correctly? I've had the original posters problems before, it's a pain BUT look at it this way. An everyday user doesn't update drivers unless there is a problem like The Sims 2 crashes, so getting updates through Win Updates is fine. MS designed it that way to only allow stable drivers and to ensure all updates play well.

An enthusiasts goes and grabs the latest driver right from the manufacturer, so it can be expected Win Updates will be a few steps behind and not detect the spanking new driver. So downloading the entire SP2 package is usually the way to go for us guys and just let Win Update handle the little updates.
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