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Default Re: Nvidia + Matrox TripleHead2Go with resolution 5040x1050!

Originally Posted by ikonfokkah View Post
Sounds like a plan for windows, but how would that work for games? ie: fullscreen d3d.
On Linux, you can apply the "TwinViewXineramaInfoOveride" option in order
to define user specific screen setups, so gaming is basically not a problem
(check positing #26 in this thread).

I didn't yet tried out the above described setup on Microsoft Windows, but
using the nvidia configuration tool on windows, it should be possible to
create a user defined video mode for the second video output of the graphics
card in order to driver the TH2G with 3840x1080 (2x1920x1080). Then,
as long as it possible to span games across two LCDs with twinview,
then it should also be possible to span it across one LCD and one TH2G
(where the other two LCDs are connected to) - for the card/driver the
TH2G just looks like a display with high resolution. Means: if games worked
with twinview, then they will also work with the twinview+TH2G setup.
However, I don't know if something like "TwinViewXineramaInfoOveride"
exists for windows, so maximizing screens on the desktop may not work
as desired.

I have no practical experiences with gaming on windows, but from what
I have read so far, for that platform, it should be better to just use two
video cards (four outputs altogether) rather than purchasing a fairly
expensive TH2G - this way, d3d games should nicely just span across
all displays (unless you are using SLI), right? Note: this two video card
variant has quite a number of limits on Linux, thus the need for a different


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