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Default Re: Disappointed with GTX 260 216

I'm quite sure that XFX itself is a good company, the problem is that they are part of the PC-Chips manufacturing empire (which encompasses quite a lot of cheap and not so cheap brands worldwide).

PC-Chips are very well known for lack of quality control in what they produce, they are happy to place components on PCs without first verifying those components work then box the faulty end product up and happily sell it to consumers.

They sell/have sold motherboards with cheap cpus soldered to the motherboard instead of socketed to save a few cents (I know Atom does that also nowadays, but, customers who received systems built around these motherboards were unaware of the lack of upgradability of their new system and rightly shocked at what had been done). Regular cpus with socket style pins are not designed to be soldered into motherboards.

PC-Chips has manufactured motherboards with fake L2 cache on the board (empty plastic shells with a doctored BIOS reporting non existant L2 cache).

PC-Chips has manufactured motherboards with a generic unknown chipset on the board which they then mark up (with sticky labels) as the specific type of chipset the vendor ordered.

This is just a small sample of PC-Chips wonderful business practices and why they feel the need to hide behind brands like ECS, XFX, Jetway, Protac etc, etc nowadays. Anyone with any sense whatsoever will avoid them like the plague that they are.

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