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Default Project: Lan theater.

Ive always wanted a place where I can get some friends togeather watch movies and play games on the computer in a lan like environment. So im building a setup for some of my friends to come over have some computers to play on and everyone be facing the tv.

As I said in previous post, I was going to rebuild my room. My room was 8x11 I knocked down a wall and its now 16x11. Im currently patching holes in the walls redoing the popcorn ceiling and getting everything ready for paint.

Just to name a few things im getting new

Carpet (Nylon, Color-Skyline)

Walls: Sparrow (silver)
Molding and other: Stealth Jet (black)

Will be building a custom wrap-around desk to sit 6 people very comfortability. (will show a blueprint in a bit)

This requires a few computers will show later

New chairs

New reciver
I just got my new front speakers will show later

But thats just to name a few things. Will be sure to take lots of picures of the process.

Im always givin a hard time because of the holes in my walls lol well it wont be much longer.

Keep checking back for updates.

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