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Default Re: Justifying A GeForce GTX 275

In my experience the life of a high end graphics card is always cut short by the demands of some new standard (ie DirectX or SM) generally not a loss of performance.
I was facing the 4890 vs GTX275 decision just the other day. The performance fo both cards is really close and while DX10.1 support and 1GB of memory had be gunning for the 4890, I finally ordered the GTX275. Here's why in no particular order:
1. PhysX - Sure not a lot of games support it, but those that do are cooler with PhysX.
2. 3D Vision - I really liked the old 3D shutter glasses and while I can't make myself pay the insane ammount nvidia wants for their 3D glasses, I'd like to keep that option open. Besides, I really think/hope that 3D is coming back for good this time.
3. AMD/ATI's financial situation - I honestly think that AMD is not long for this world, at least not in its current state. They've lost money over the last 11 quarters and with intel ripping them six ways from Sunday, I just can't see them being around as a serious competitor for much longer.
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