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Default Re: Justifying A GeForce GTX 275

Originally Posted by zingzong View Post
GTX 260's 275's and 285's have just as much overclocking headroom as the HD 4890. Yes a 1ghz core may sound awesome but people often seem to forget that its rival can produce similar gaming performance at much lower clocks.

I have owned a GTX 260 that did 750mhz core, its stock clock was 602mhz so if you do the math thats 148mhz overclock on the core without even touching the voltage plus this was on the stock cooler.

I now own a BFG GTX 275 that does 760mhz core 1600shader and 2600mem. One of my best friends owns a PNY 275 which clocks up just as high as mine.
Dude, tell me honestly, you can't count right? In your next reply, give me the % increases between your overclocked model and its stock speeds. The calculate what % increase in core & shader performance you can expect from buying a 1ghz SKU vs a 850mhz SKU. Then take a look at the anandtech benchies I posted. I'm actualy laughing right now. YOUR CARDS ARE CLOCKED THE SAME!
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