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Default Re: Justifying A GeForce GTX 275

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The reason that I questioned this is because I have twice been told by Acer tech support that I had to use a DVI-DVI cable to connect my monitor and video card, and as I had experienced, a DVI-HDMI cable would not work. I'm assuming that this cable is equivalent to using an adapter of some kind...true? If what I was told by the Acer folk is true, then I fail to understand the use or pupose of even having an HDMI connector on the monitor, because I have not found any video card with a HDMI connector for output.

This is exactly the point, if there is no essential requirement for a new video card, except to keep up with gaming, then I'll use that money elsewhere.

Can you verify that the EVGA 8800 GTS that I have is supposed to be HDMI compatible?
Well, no because I'm not your google slave. Comeon buddy, you can do it. To my memory G80 had HDMI support, but I don't believe that every manufacturer needed to implement it.

What is the Card #, i'll check it out for you.

Yeah if you can uses that 8800GTS in a shuttle box, then I wouldn't upgrade. The GTX 275 is going to give you headaches (noise) headaches (power requirements) as will the 4890. Unless you get an aftermarket cooler version but thats like 30 bucks more.
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