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Default Re: NVS 295 + DP->VGA + 185.18.14 -> problems

Originally Posted by Jean Tourrilhes View Post

I'm a quite seasoned user of X-Window. I installed a new HP xw4600 with a NVS 295 (I've got other xw400 working fine with NVS 280 and FX 570). The NVS 295 is a card with a DisplayPort, and as my KVMs are VGA, I bought a DisplayPort to VGA adapter. I downloaded the latest binary driver (185.18.14). I tried kernel and on Debian Lenny. I tried two monitors, a HP LP2035 (LCD 1600x1200) and a HP f2105 (1680x1050).
In both cases, I get only 640x480 resolution.
And the Xorg.0.log report some suspicious errors...

I suspect that somehow the DisplayPort to VGA adapter is not recognised and prevent the card to talk properly to the monitor.

I assume that it's just that the hardware is too new. Good luck figuring that one out ;-)

Hello Jean, have you ever tried to manually set HorizSync and VertRefresh value for your monitor? Maybe add one line like Modes "1600x1200" under "Display" SubSection?
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