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Default Re: New MSI GTX 260 Review

Originally Posted by john19055 View Post
They have the HD4890 low as $184.99 with free shipping and a free game.That is a great price for that card and it is faster in most games then the GTX285 .But if you like nvidia better then thats the way to go ,when you can get a GTX280 for as low as $224,But it is a great time to look for a fast video card today ,GTX260-216 or HD4870 for low as $150,But it does'nt manner which one you choose because either nvidia or ATI makes some good cards in all price ranges.I even seen a 8800GTS 512mb for $89 which is a great card in it self.
Not to comment on ATI vs Nvidia because I always get into fights but the fact that you can get a gtx 280 for $220 is incredible. That's a $600 card upon inception, and not so long ago.

I was also very happy with my Core 216. I'd say that @ 650/1350/2.5ghz I didn't notice much of a difference compared to my current 702/1590/2.7ghz GTX 285, which is a very average 285 oc.

Crysis feels a bit smoother, but honestly I would have to have the framerate counter on more often than not to notice. A 5-10 fps difference is surprisingly difficult to notice, even when you're talking about the difference between 25 and 35 fps.
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