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Default Re: Core i7 Overclocking thread

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
ok, im confused now... I raised my vcore to 1.3 since I became unstable at 3.8ghz during prime and cpuz nor does easytune show that change, both show 1.264.
You can probably thank VDroop. I don't have a I7 but when I set my mb to give 1.27 volts to keep it stable at 3.8 it would give it about 1.23 at idle and sometimes drop below 1.2 at load which caused it to not be stable under Prime or OSST. If you have load line calibration or something similar on your board you could enable it. I enabled it on my mb and it made it run stable. Now with the mb set to give the cpu 1.2564 volts it gives it about 1.23 at idle and 1.21 at load.

Again I don't have an I7 but maybe the VDroop problem is similar.
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