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Default Wiped my NTFS partition by mistake... Am I screwed?

Ok so I had some major brainfade the other day and was installing VMware ESXi 3.5 on top of VMware Server 2.0... BUUUUUUT instead of installing ESXi in a VM, I installed it right on top of my OS (Vista Home Premium). Booted from the install CD and it installed straight on through. It was like 3:30am and I don't know what I was thinking. Sigh.

So where before I had a 120GB (primary) + 10GB (restore) partitions, I now have like 3 or 4 small VMware Visor partitions, and about 110GB of free unpartitioned space. Does anybody know of a tool that can recover from this? Would my Vista install CD work using the Recovery option? Most of the data I can live without, but there's some important docs in there that I'd like to retrieve.
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