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Default Re: Justifying A GeForce GTX 275

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I would have responded sooner, but for some reason, I never received notification of most of the posts since my last post, and I'm now trying to digest the info that you posted earlier. That's not easy...not because you did post clearly enough, but because this is an area that's new to me.

I had to dig the brother of the video card installed out of the closet to give it a closer look. It appears that this is one that doesn't have any SPDIF or RCA connectors. The only I/Os on the card are the x16 PCIe, SLI, Dual DVI-I and S-Video. Here is a link for reference:

The title of the ad says that it is HDCP, which if I understand, just means that it will transmit encrypted signals, but not necessarily audio signals. Actually, all that I'm interested in is video, not audio, because I already have a sound card going to my 5.1 speakers.

Everything that I thought that I understood was that all that I need was to adapt the connection to the video card to a HDMI cable to connect to the HDMI connector on the monitor. Here is a link to the monitor:

But, this doesn't work. With a DVI-DVI connection I get a good display, but with a DVI-HDMI connection I get a black screen. The reason that this is an issue is because I now want another monitor for a dual display. I guess that I could connect the second monitor in the same fashion as I did the first, but I have a $50 dollar DVI-HDMI cable collecting dust in the closet that I really would like to use.

If Acer is right that I can't connect the video card to the monitor with this cable, then I would like to understand what purpose is there in monitor even having an HDMI connector? unless it is strictly for connecting some other device besides a PC, and I would also like to know why they even sell a DVI-HDMI cable, if there is no practical use for it?
Alright that's cool about the 5.1 sound. I guess you have two options, because your GTS 8800 def transmits HDMI HDCP content. That's the truth. So, just follow the guide I posted for the reg edits for the correct HDMI display detection. Otherwsie it'll be look for a non-existant signal.

However, if you wanted a little present for youself, you could pick up a 4890 which has the Realtek 7.1 Audio onboard, and that you could use for future projects where you can pipe out to the tv, or a simplified way to stream to the receiver uncompressed PCM. Or GTX since the fanboi's are jumping at my throat. I don't know if GTX 275 has onboard audio.

The other 1 nice thing about upgrading to some card in the 99-150 price range is that newer cards, g92 8800gt, g92 9800 series and beyond (and ATI 4800/4700 stuf) has the ability to decode 1080p sources even mkv's and other file formats as well. You'll def be able to get like 5-10% utilization on your x2 4800 even running a blu-ray disk due to that. I'm not sure if your current GPU does that, but I don't think so as it is the g80. Anyways, double check on that. Otherwise you're good with what you have.
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