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Post Halo impressions thread

I was going to post this in the Halo gone gold thread, but I think now that the game is officially in retail it warrants a thread for all to respond who are playing/have played the PC version of Halo.

I had Halo for Xbox and while I enjoyed it immensely, I still missed having a keyboard and mouse to use. But now, after all these years of waiting, I have my keyboard and mouse, I have my higher resolution, I have a game that uses my graphics hardware features and frankly...I'm disappointed.

Someone brought it up in the other thread, but I feel it bears repeating here. This game reeks of cheap console port instead of game that was built from the ground up using some of the code that was written before the big Microsoft buyout/Xbox only introduction. I'm hoping some of the game performance issues will be sorted out via patches. I'm not expecting miracles here, but it would be nice if my framerate wouldn't drop into the teens on occasion without having anisotropic filtering or FSAA enabled. The 60 Hz thing is annoying as hell, too. I shouldn't have to add a switch to the command line to make sure the game doesn't crash if I use Refresh Force. The mouse control/sensitivity is bull. I'm a twitch FPS player, meaning I have my mouse senitivity set higher than normal. But even with it turned up in the game, the time it takes to turn around still feels like it did with my Xbox. The sound is buggy with EAX enabled.

Again, I hope patches can sort some of thsi stuff out, but this game has all the look and feel of yet another rushed console port. Problem is, they've had more than a freaking year to work on it!! I'm half-tempted to write Bungie an e-mail expressing my disappointment. I think multiplayer is going to be the only saving grace for this game.
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