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i agree.. ive never played halo on xbox, but i just picked up the game today, and to me, it definetely looks like a rushed port. the framerate dips into the teens for no reason at all... the game doesnt look nearly as good as unreal2, or anything, yet it still dips.

and here is proof that is is a pretty much direct console port= 30fps locked for gameplay. of course you can turn it off, but the cutscenes dont work properly. some of the game looks pretty, then other parts look super ugly. some textures are super low resolution.

the mouse feels awkward.. kinda laggy.

oh well, at least max payne 2 comes out in a couple weeks

halo for pc reminds me of gta3 for pc, a rushed port that ran slow on any computer... gtavc was much better optimized.
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