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Default Re: Age of Conan Feedback thread

Originally Posted by ATOJAR View Post
So how is AoC now? I ain't played it in a while .... How is it with the new updates? Hows the PvPing now? Also hows the server populations?

EDIT:- Hmm just noticed there a free 14 day Re-Evaluation.

"Welcome back to Age of Conan!

As there have been a lot of improvements to Age of Conan since you last visited, we would like you to check out the changes yourself.

This time-limited offer lets you re-activate your account with no obligations and receive 2 weeks of additional playtime for free. To read more about to updates to Age of Conan from launch click here."
The new game director has certainly livened things up for higher level content whether its RAID instance or solo dungeons or 6 man dungeons. Game director has hinted at further new lvl 80 instances, and expansion pack to come.

Even though playing as 2 handed Barbarian class..we need some tweaking.

Like any MMO, they stil trying to balance the classes. It never will be fully balanced among the classes.

But, stability has risen, players looking for PuG RAIDS or whatever is easily available since server merges. With recipe drops, the economy is taking shape. I am making a fair amount of gold coins by harvesting/gathering, crafting, looting and selling them.

Gamespot said the subscription for AoC was at 400K. Many people are returning. Then again, some people are leaving.

I for one am still enjoying it and plan to stick aorund for expansion pack...NINJA class is rumoured! W00T!
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