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Default Re: Justifying A GeForce GTX 275

Originally Posted by BelligerentBill View Post
Thankfully we have the Internet for people to outlet their stupidity and penchant for misjudgement so people like xion don't make fools of themselves out in the RW (though some act this way anyways). Anonymity
Yeah its great to get judged like that. It's human nature, people are like this, nothing particular about xion. I'm looking at my 4th surgery in 2 years its not a lot to look forward to; ambien helps me sleep and I guess its a weakness that needs to be pointed out and shat on.

Anyways, seeker, I think that the point was that by bypassing the audio routing question you can get the graphic driver to stop searching for an audio signal and correctly detect the display.

edit: About HDMI: Seeker they all "support" it, because HDMI is 100% signal compatible with DVI's video signal, but very few manu's actually include HDMI built into the board (though some include HDMI adapters). I think at most we're seeing display port outs on GT200 & R770/790, but most of them are dual link dvi w/ audio pass through and HDCP capabilities, so that adapters will work. Clearly the only use for HDMI in the computer space is for HTPC designations. Most 4870's are like this: which is why I said to check out if anyone makes HDMI variants of these products.
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