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Default Re: Justifying A GeForce GTX 275

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But, this doesn't work. With a DVI-DVI connection I get a good display, but with a DVI-HDMI connection I get a black screen. The reason that this is an issue is because I now want another monitor for a dual display. I guess that I could connect the second monitor in the same fashion as I did the first, but I have a $50 dollar DVI-HDMI cable collecting dust in the closet that I really would like to use.

If Acer is right that I can't connect the video card to the monitor with this cable, then I would like to understand what purpose is there in monitor even having an HDMI connector? unless it is strictly for connecting some other device besides a PC, and I would also like to know why they even sell a DVI-HDMI cable, if there is no practical use for it?
Hey man, I missed this for some reason. The only way that your display is drawing blank is either because it is missing some HDCP flag (which isn't possible, since I don't believe HDCP flags are implented until 2010?), or the display driver isn't outputting the signal properly.

Check this out: could be a mismatch in DVI types of your adapter?

If a 7900GS works properly with DVI->HDMI then your G80 most certainly does. Or should rather. Sorry you're having problems buddy.

Here's a possibility too:

I guess you're right about my spdif fix. It should work without it. However, I still get this nagging feeling that part of the signal to the display issue may have something to do with the driver trying to send an audio stream, the tv/monitor expecting to see an audio stream, one or the other. Fixing that in reg couldnt hurt.

I read in your other post you're running this may be an issue with your monitor? If not see if there is a PC-input labeled HDMI input option. Other than that I'd say it's definetely either a flag issue with the monitor or a mismatched DVI to HDMI adapter.
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