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Default Re: Argh! Dissapointed with GTX275 clocking...

Originally Posted by BioHazZarD View Post
so a gtx 275 is not enough, u require a 100% overclock beyond the default clocks ? come on.. u cant tell how well a card can go..
Hehe, I know, I know. The GTX275 is plenty fast, but I always want to get more for my money . It just sucks, I mean my previous card - the 8800 G92GTS clocked up from 670/1674/970 all the way up to 848/1999/1052 without a hiccup. My cards before that clocked high as well -my GT 256mb as well as my 7950 AGP (Yeah). I was expecting more of the same for this card. But for $199 i'm not going to go try get a better clocking part.
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