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Default Halo bad? Yes // Halo good? Yes.

Don't worry - i'm not about to review the game. I'll simply say i think most of us will agree Halo is an awesome game with performance issues (almost in-excuseable nowadays) due to development.

I agree with the above statements about the game being a disapointment (on one hand) -- meaning poor framerate and general poor performance (even on an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro). By todays standards, it doesn't make sense. This over 1 year old game, should and could be better - no doubt.

However -- I also think the game is incredibly awesome.

I've never played the xbox version - and the more i play pc halo, the more i like it and the better it looks and impresses me as a solid and complete title.

Some, arguable inexusable, performance issues? Yes.

An awesome game nonetheless? Yes. (i've just obtained the 4wheeler and am practicing cruising around - very impressive controls).

So continue complaining and whining as many of us will. I see your points and i agree they are valid.

But I'm still going to enjoy the game - cause it's all new to me and it's better than a lot of other crap out there!

"There's more to games than framerates..."
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