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Default Re: Re: Anand posts Initial HL2 results with new Dets

Originally posted by mikechai
What is disturbing you? (since you won't buy a FX card)
The fact that Nvidia in their official response to valve a couple weeks ago stated plainly that they would replace PS2.0 with PS 1.4 wherever they felt it was "Ok".

Meaning I gurantee you that even this "Mixed mode" test Nvidia is doing Specific per level application detection and completely replacing the games code with DX8 stuff. Meaning even replacing Valves own Shaders that they customized for Nvidia themselves.

It means that it is flatly not DX9 Vs DX9 at all. It is DX8 being Reported as DX9 "mixed mode". True "Mixed mode" is still DX9 it just uses FP16. This is clearly not whats happening here.

This my Friends is outright Fraud.
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