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Default Re: Re: Re: Re: Anand posts Initial HL2 results with new Dets

Originally posted by mikechai
Agree with that part. It will definitely not an apple to apple comparison anymore.
I think ATI will have an edge on image quality no matter how good the "automatic shader replacement" is.
We just have to put that in mind when we read any reviews.

But if the new Dets able to put up that kind of score even in mixed mode or partial precision or whatever, they have already done a great job.
Then FX card owners will still have a great gaming experience with HL2.
I dont think you understand. We are not talkng about an "Edge in IQ" here. This means no HDR support, and many of the effects simply wont even be close to the same.

I have to be honest it really bugs me that people simply do not understand the nature of whats going on. Because it means that Nvidia is likely to get away with it. This is not a true representation of "Mixed-Mode". Mixed mode is FP16/FP32 and is fully DX9. Valves shaders were already completely optomized in this way for the entire FX line. This is obviously a complete Replacement of the games code as Nvidia sees fit to get their numbers up.

What if ATi Suddenly stopped rendering half the effects and reduced some Quality and gained 30FPS over what they have now. Would you guys all sit around here and Applaud ATi.. patting them on the back and Cheering for what an amazing job the Driver team did???

Yet the line of people are already forming to congradulate Nvidia as heros for doing Exactly That.
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