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Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post

Server 2008 SP2 is based of Vista Sp2, both are NT 6.0. And are very closely related. SP2 update is the same for both Server 2008 and Vista.

Server 2008 was first released along side with SP1 for Vista.

Server 2008 R2 (Release 2, aka Second Edition) on the other hand is related to Windows 7, both are NT 6.1. And that is also why I call Windows 7, a Vista Second Edition.

MS didn't change the server 2008 name, because there was no need. They changed name of Client OS because of bad rep that Vista got.
That partially clear the water, but I'm still confused. Is there any point in keeping WS2K8 installed? In other words, would W7 combined with WS2K8 offer everything that having separate OSs installed would?

Secondly, if SP2 is the same for both Vista and WS2K8, why was the one that I got for WS2K8 a beta, when I don't think that the one for Vista was?
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