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Default Re: Argh! Dissapointed with GTX275 clocking...

Originally Posted by pakotlar View Post
I understand your dissapointment, because that is a somewhat low clock. My guess is that if you unlink your core and shader clocks, you will be able to go higher on the core. You may also try bumping up the memory higher. So try for something ilke 702/1476/1242, and see how stable that is. I also very much doubt that CS will crash your card if you are Furmark stable. Make sure you run Furmark 1.6 and run it for an hour or so in xtreme stability mode, with post processing effects on and msaa on. If that is stable everything else probably will be. Its never a definite thing, and crysis is one of those oddballs that can crash systems that are otherwise stable.

My Core 216 I could never get over 650/1350/1250 stable in crysis. Don't feel too bad.

Btw, the best Crysis test to run is, after having run the game for 10-15 minutes, stand in a dense scene (easy to find), and throw a bunch of smoke around you. If your card can tolerate that then you are good to go (as long as you are also Furmark stable). OC'ing can be very easy or difficult, just depends on the card, and the stability of your system.

Check this out:

Youll get some nice benefits even without a super high shader oc.
Thanks for the reply but it is unlocked, those are the highest values the card is stable at. Also, I never enable post-processing in furmark, it lowers my temps by alot. And just to clarify, when I say Furmark stable, I mean stable for 20 minutes or so, I'll try going for an hour.
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