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hehe I can't wait till the det 50's are released... hopefully they will coincide with the HL2 benchmark and cat 3.8's

/side note... I personally think that HL2 benchmark will be made avaliable for download/steam on October 8th to coincide with cat 3.8's and the first set of people receiving their 9800XT's/

I want to see IQ comparisons.... but more importantly I want the det 50's to be run in 'full DX9 mode' 'mixed mode DX9' and 'DX8 mode' to see what the IQ and speed differences are on the NV3X with the drivers over all three modes.... if the modes are practically identical with these drivers in IQ/effects/speed I think it would then be safe to say that NV has then committed fraud by declaring a DX9 setting but only using DX8 level technology...

Also I can't wait for October 31st and see what Futuremark with their new rules make of these drivers - does anyone think that NV will actually have drivers that can be allowed on that date considering the sheer effort that appears to be going into cheating right now?
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