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Default Re: EQ2 Shader 3.0 upgrade

Indicating that everything SM1.1 compatible and up ran this game well is completely disingenuous.
I did not say that. I said this game was built to be backwards compatible with a wide range of hardware. And that 1.1 was its baseline code and that all hardware ran that baseline code. When a developer builds a game. They have to program for what they feel is smallest base use at the time. The engine is now 4 years old. If they were doing it now they wouldnt even support DX 8.0 cards. All I said was the Shader implementation that was in EQ had nothing to do with why EQ 2 performed bad at the time. All the reasons EQ 2 had performance issues on geforce 6/7 cards are now gone in the latest build of EQ 2. And the shader model baseline has not changed any.

Did you miss this part of my post: In SM 1.1 x800 is twice as fast roughly
Nope. I think I wasn't clear enough when I said I did not care about how the X800 performed in this game. Or how the X800 compared to the Geforce 6 period. I could argue for hours about how the Geforce 6/7 series performed verses the X800 and the benefits/downsides of such a decision. But once again. I don't care. And its pointless discussion about hardware no one would buy today. So please. I am begging you. Spare me the X800/Geforce 6 debate,. I could give a crap about it.

There was nothing surprising about EQ2's 6800 performance except for the fact that EQ2 didn't use dynamic branching despite it being an nVidia "optimized" game. That was where people felt duped, and you helped reveal this marketing inconsistency. I think people mostly were just dissapointed how it ran on any platform. The strangest thing about EQ2 was that it was heavily marketed by nVidia. Someone failed in the chain of communication to tell them that there was NO SM3.0 code there
Sorry. But if you felt duped by Sony or Nvidia's marketing here then you were a victom of wishful thinking. Sony never once advertised that EQ 2 was a SM 3.0 game. Sony called EQ 2 a "Next Generation MMORPG". And there are many ways that "next" gen could be interpretted. Sony simply said that the game was built with future hardware in mind. And hardware has progressed alot and its definately helped the game run better.

By the way as far as your "EQ2's performance is not limited by the shaders it uses": "You dont believe that implementing SM 2.0 was a magical performance fix for the slow performance in EQ 2. I agree. But that doesnt neccasarily mean there arent certain areas in the game that could benefit from a more unified lighting model. If you have any reason to believe otherwise. I'd like for you to share it. Obviously the entire game wouldnt need to be filled with SM 2.0 type shaders. There are many shaders in HL2, Far Cry ect which dont need high precision longer instructons." I'll let you guess who said that
Will you please stop quoting me from 3-4 years ago> Such posts are completely out of context for today that it doesn't even matter. Yes there are corner cases where older hardware such as the Geforce 6/7 might see some performance improvements with shader code. I already said that.

On today's hardware. It's largely irrelevant due to how much more powerful they are. The best hardware from that time can be beaten for 50 dollars today so theres no excuse to even be using a Geforce 6/7/X800 card these days unless you are one of those people who are married to AGP and if thats the case your platform is more limiting than your graphic card. But today's GPU's have unified shaders so bottlenecking them the same way as the geforce 6/7 is alot more difficult.
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