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Default Re: GTX 260/280 Clock Throttling While in 3D Apps. An Explanation.

Originally Posted by betterdan View Post
Why is it making my card jump to full speed while sitting in Windows with maybe IE open? The older drivers it would make my card clock way down while in Windows just using IE. That's what I don't like about it.

Like right now while typing this my card is sitting at max speed of 713 core 1260 memory and I'm typing text into IE wtf? It just dropped to 300 core 100 memory now but it keeps this crap up all the time while doing minor stuff.
Same here. Initial boot it would clock down properly. However, after firing up any application that used 3D engines, the card would not go back down to it's 300/100 speeds. I ended up dropping back to 186.18 which does clock my card properly.
This is a pretty important feature for me and one of the reason why I decided to go ahead and get a GTX280, despite it's massive power draws. The fact it only pulled massive energy when needed sold me. I'm in Florida, heat is not my friend, nor is my power bill.
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