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Default Re: Re: Re: Re: Anand posts Initial HL2 results with new Dets

Originally posted by Richthofen
as long as i don't see a huge difference in quality i won't care what Nvidia replaces in that game.
ATI payed VALVE to code that game the way they wan't to have it.
If Nvidia now replaces some things for their cards. Fine...
Pretty funny. Nice 8 Mio dollar investment
LOL! You guys are a hoot! You should be demanding more from your graphics cards, not less. How you guys can be happy with paying more money for a card that can only compete with it's cheaper competitor by reducing image quality and taking shortcuts I'll never understand. If you guys don't start demanding more from nVidia, you will start to get less and less from them in the future. Why should they product better cards in the future if you are going to go out of your way to support their software hacks?
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