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Default Re: EQ2 Shader 3.0 upgrade

Originally Posted by ChrisRay View Post
You have been trying to correlate the initial problems percieved with this game on Nvidia hardware. ((IE the major stuttering problems that many believed to be due to SM 3.0 implementation)) to the shader performance of the Nvidia cards. This is not the case. The performance problems experienced with early builds of Everquest was not shader related. It was an entirely different issue that Sony/Nvidia fixed together. Hence why the same hardware can play the game without stuttering today that was apparent in early builds of the game.

You keep to seem operating under the assumption that this performance problem had anything at all to do with shader performance. It didn't. It was an entirely different issue. There are many functionality issues with a graphic card that go beyond just its shaders. And this issue just happened to be one of the ones that wasn't related to shader performance.

As I said in a prior post. The only reason I dumped EQ 2 shader code was to point that the performance problems were completely unrelated to SM 3.0. Which alot of people believed at the time. Performance variables between the X800/geforce 6 or any piece of hardware are not just limited to the capability of its shader units. Pixel Fillrate, Texture fillrate, Zfill, AA Cycles within the ROPS all play an integral role in performance of a piece of hardware.

At which point. I have gone past the point of sheer annoyance. Hence I am done responding to you. I will close with this. Nothing I have said is factually incorrect. Everything you have linked has reinforced my posts regarding what I have said. That being said. I am going back to the initial discussion.
Arguing with you is a fool's errand. You have quite literally no understanding of the subject.
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