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Default Re: EQ2 Shader 3.0 upgrade

lol they should get you working on eq2 chris

Better yet come check out Fallen Earth, it could use a few performance tweaks. It's in beta atm so see how it goes when its released in about 38 days. It has so much potential to be a great MMO.

It reminds me of the way eq2 ran in cities when it first came out, but this time round i'm using a i7 with a gtx260.

It's having the same rendering town jerkiness problem, i keep posting for them to use occlusion culling because in beta atm it doesn't seem to be.

Fallen earth vid

yeah EQ2 flies now on max settings with a i7, totally cpu bound it was. it can still slow down with too many light sources and shadows in guild halls though.
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