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Originally posted by ChrisW
I like the way they keep posting benchmarks that they are not sure of and from "other sources". This has a bad smell to it.

How could they have doubled performance? They already had a special code path that reduced precision. I think the strategy here is to get these benchmarks leaked now using these hacked drivers knowing Valve will disable the cheats in the final version of the game. Then nVidia will claim Valve is disabling performance on GFFX cards just to punish nVidia and their customers (what they did with 3DMark03) and these benchmarks will be their "proof".
I think we now know for sure why HL2 was delayed. Nothing more than workarounds for the NV35.. Talk about the gaming world taking a step back. We might as well be using GLIDE again.

Money talks, BS walks, and I think the big [N] just bought Gabe.

I guess we should reserve judgement until we see screenshots, but I can already see where this is going., "Based on zooming in you can see that ATI has better image quality, but being that we don't look at the scenery in FPS we can just forgive [N] for this...." This is getting old really. Of course I am sure some certain hardware sites will just say I am making this up, and I am not talking about NVnews.

Cinematic gaming... uh huh...
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