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Originally posted by StealthHawk
What's this I hear about FSAA not working in Halo? Is it true?
Here's the info on how to get AA working. From what I can tell it does work, and I'm not missing a whole lot.

Dunno what everyone is talking i see no sutter or single digit frame rates maybe people should stop running it at 1600x1200 its console game after all.
People are getting crappy performance even at 1024x768 on 9700 Pro cards. This is on a game that was originally demoed on a Mac with a TNT2-class card. I remember the Penny Arcade cartoon from 2000 that talked about the original Halo demo. I've followed development pretty closely the whole way. For all the time and effort that was suppoesedly put into this, the results are speaking for themselves.
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