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I wonder how much NVidia payed Valve to hold off shipping the product so they could go through and hand replace the shaders in the driver?

Yet, there are still those that support NVidia's pathetic attempt to artificially increase performance. I suppose those same people would be happy if the polys were all blank, as long the FPS was high. Maybe extreme, but that is how some of you are sounding.

Go ahead and pay a premium for a product that cannot perform well and have to wait on NVidia to hand replace code to make it play well. What are you going to do when the next big game comes out? Just wait until NVidia hand replaces the code again, and again, and again? Sort of like waiting on a roofer to come fix the leaks in the roof. "Well, we need to wait until it rains before we can fix the leak and we can only fix one leak at a time." I had no idea there were people that would support this, much less tolerate it.
Why should I bust my butt writting code to make nice eye candy when, apparently, most people do not really care about it? And do not say you do care about it if you currently support NVidia's hacking to get rid of the eye candy.

Why anyone would consider paying over $400 for a video card that has to be hand massaged to make it playable with decent eye candy, for each big title, is simply beyond me. And do not come back with the pathetic Doom3 argument. These FX products are probably a major reason why the game has been delayed, while Carmack tries to hand code for these badly designed pieces of hardware.

The sheep are winning and I find it disgusting.
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