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Default Re: Justifying A GeForce GTX 275

Hey does anyone here have one of those AMD/ATI 4890 cards and play the game Titan Quest or Titan Quest Immortal Throne? I would like to see a screenshot of the game in action in an area with alot of shadows with the game quality settings maxed out with a resolution of 1680x1050 or 1440x900. In the ATI Control Panel no AA but AF at 16x.

I'm curious to see if ATI has implemented better shadowing techniques since I last owned an ATI card because I will have a friend of mine buy a 4890 if they have. I'm going to be building him a PC and would certainly like to save him a few bucks on the video card and opt for a faster processor and better motherboard.

Thanks in advance if anyone has the means to produce a screenshot of this.

Note: the shadowing issues I had were not game specific, but in this game it really detracted from my enjoyment of the game which is why I would like it as a reference point.

I probably could and might still request this on an ATI centric forum but I thought I could kill two birds with one stone here
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