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Default Re: EQ2 Shader 3.0 upgrade

Im not about to get into the middle of whatever is going on(sorry I skimmed most of what you guys wrote so you might have already addressed it), but EQ2 I find still suffered from performance issues last time I tried it(with my 8800GTX), which I assume is because all of the games shaders are written in 1.1 and/or not using shaders at all for alot of it, causing the CPU to be a big factor, of course, this is based on my assumption that they ARE using 1.1 shaders exclusively, as I havent actually delved into the EQ2 shaders myself.
Also, the fact they are now rewritting the shaders in 3.0 supports that, and as a result should finally start seeing better performance on any 3.0 capable card(heck they could have left it at 2.0 and you would see almost the same performance boost)

And obviously to show off my point, these are taken on a GeForce 4 Ti, which are only capable of SM1(upto PS1.3, not PS1.4 which only ATI cards did, or rather, DX8 instead of DX8.1)

As you can see they look identical to what any other card would show.
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