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Originally posted by sxotty
I thought the nv3x hardware is borked it cannot do HDR ever.
That's the assumption, but Nvidia might be able to pull something out of their ass. Also, lets wait and see how well ATI runs it in actual gameplay.

This is a good thing b/c it allows the poor saps that have these cards to play,
I don't consider myself a poor sap. The games I am playing right now run better on Nvidia cards, or run just as good on either hardware (Neverwinter Nights, Anarchy Online, Tron 2.0, BridgeIt, Warcraft3, Rollercoaster Tycoon, etc). I'm not even buying Half Life 2 for the PC, I'm getting for XBOX since that's what all my friends who play online have.

what Nvidia should do is admit what they did, they should put up a list of what was replaced and say, "This is not a valid comparison for benchmarking purposes, but we wanted to give our users the best experience possible on their cards even if valve didn't"
Why should they do that? Reviewers can put up IQ comparisons and let the reader judge for themselves if they see a difference. It's not a 'valid comparison' from the start regardless of what the drivers do because the NV3x and R3xx architecture are both vastly different and need to be optimized differently from the start; hence a truly 100% no-bones about it 'valid comparison' is impossible - heck, you can't even get them to use the same shader precision.
We're all in it together.

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