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Default Sorry, too little too late.

Mr. Tismer-

I can appreciate you taking the time to find this forum and posting here. The following is not at your expense but rather I hope you relay *this* customer's experience to your Quality Control department.

I have been building computers since the mid 90s and have come across a few DOA components. I steer clear of poor quality parts by reading reviews & user feedback. IBM harddrives are one such example. I am not in the business of building computers but I am in a position of relative expertise amongst my personal friends when it comes to building and repairing Macs and PCs.

The problem I was having was I spent from June 20th till my last post-date here figuring out the Gainward Ti4200 was causing me problems. It hadn't dawned on me that this type of problem could be generated by a graphics card. To tell you the truth, brought to my attention the MadOnion forum and the other unfortunate buyers of Gainward Ti4200s. Not only did I spend time and money getting this card fixed, but I am going to look like pretty silly as I recommended this brand of card to 3 other friends. And!!!!!! one of those cards is starting to show the problem. I am definitely not going to go thru the charade of spending more time and money sending his card back hoping the next card is satisfactory. Hmm, 3 in 5 cards failed = 60% not good odds(don't forget the DOA replacement card). If you sent me a dozen new cards in hope of finding one replacement for my friend's ailing card, I would drop them in the trash as it is not worth my time and effort to do the job of your firm's Quality Control.

Maybe I am a little perturbed right now, but I expect a simple standard of Quality in which it works when I plug it in. I can clearly get this from other manufacturers as I have already done so. Your company had a second chance when I asked for a replacement Gainward Ti4200 but Gainward failed. Therefore, I bought a Prolink Pixelview Ti4200 64MB with TV-out and it even overclocks out of the box to 300Mhz GPU and 600Mhz Mem. I saved $13(of course all the return shipping exceeds that), I now have TV-out, and this card is a top notch overclocker.

Mr. Tismer, too little - too late.

Here's my email address sir:
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