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I got the beta uninstalled okay, but I'm having the dickens installing the RTM. First, I tried using the .exe, but it popped an error dialog. Then I burned the .iso, but it wouldn't boot. Thinking that this might be due to the fact that I failed to select a write speed and it burned at full throttle, I tried again at x8, but that didn't work either. Twice more with the same results. Viewing the disk content from a file manager, the first disk had a setup and separate files for different system types...pretty much as expect. Those that followed only contained one monolithic .iso.

The best that I remember, I used the same procedures for all of them, with the exception of write speeds. I suspect that the problem is myself, but I would better understand that, if I had ended up with similar results on all of the disks. Shouldn't Nero automatically handle the manner in which it deals with .isos?
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