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Default Ex-WoW Players Come In

Credit goes to Source

I'm an ex-WoW player. I started playing World of Warcraft about a year after it was launched and continued to play it until the end of The Burning Crusade. However, towards the end of my WoW life, I became disenfranchised with the game and began to look elsewhere for my kicks. What started as harmless flirting with other MMOs turned into a full-blown crusade to find that game that would topple WoW from its thrown.

Like so many before me, my crusade would fail.
I'm not too sure whether it is this crusade on the part of ex-WoW players or another, hidden element that causes one of the most amusing occurrences in gamers I have ever seen. When you ask an ex-WoW player what they think of WoW, you had better be prepared for one of the most brutal and venomous attacks that you are likely to ever hear. They will cuss and blind about how the game is rubbish. They will bitch and moan about how it is a grind. They will rant and rave about questing, the community, the developers, the graphics, the Murlocs and pretty much anything else they can think of at any given moment. They will NOT - under any circumstances - praise the game. Perhaps the most interesting element of this whole affair is the following: even people who have played WoW for a short period and not liked it will not go into such depth about how poor the game is. Ex-WoW players are a hideous bunch.
Just wondering, did WoW have a such influence on players?
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