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Default Re: Re: Re: Anand posts Initial HL2 results with new Dets

Originally posted by jbirney Yeap but there is a little thing called DX9 why not force each card to run the DX9 code path then? Thats much closer when trying to get apples to apples.
Not really it still isn't and there never will be with these cards that is the way it is oh well. Once ATI makes fp32 capable cards which they will in the future we will be able to compare them again, unless of course nvda is afraid and decides they better make a fp24/fp48 clone or something lol.

Baron you say clip planes eh... that sucks then people get no gain out of their cards oh well.

p.s. sorry I called people poor saps, I just feel bad if people were misled, btw I realize full well the nv3x plays current games fine and I tell people that but it is the future that gives worries to the nv3x, and the near future too.
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