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Originally posted by serAph
no offense, but you sound sorta stirred up by that benchmark comparison. Are you lettin it get personal?

Kudos to nVidia for pullin themselves outta the rut they were in, thats for sure, but Im still buyin this 9800 pro when it comes out next week to replace my 5900
yes im letting it get personal, i payed money for my 5800 (which later was rma'd for a 5900) so shouldnt i take it personally if a company takes my half a grand, and doesnt fufill my expectations?? yes yes yes.. i know, its partly my fault for being such an nvidiot....

i went from a 5900 to a 9800 pro, to me the difference is night and day, well worth the extra $250 i had to pay to get the 9800 pro. now i see what i was missing all along, much better iq, better perfomance in general, especially when using aa and af, all my games run better (except when raven shield has alot of smoke bombs for some reason) and great dx9 support. the drivers are great and i have had 0 problems.

the 9800 is an awesome card and completely kicks the ass of my now sold 5900. i wish i had bought the 9800 to begin with.
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