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Default Re: Windows 7 ~ Windows Vista

I think the 59 hertz thing is only on digital monitors, not CRT's. Maybe only if using a DVI/digital cable even? Anyway, yeah, set it to 60 and it resets to 59. I hear there are ways to force 60, but they cause other problems like Media Player crashing.

If they fix that, I will probably go with Windows 7 and find ways around all the other annoyances, as with any Windows version. And yeah, Vista is just bad. Sluggish, stuborn, buggy, etc. Vista is Windows 7 beta™. People should be able to show their Vista sales receipts and get Windows 7 free....seriously. It reminds me of Windows ME! I actually fell for that one...bought it, installed it, went back to Windows 98 2 days was AWFUL.
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