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Thats all weird how its not working because I have APIC on and I have NvAGP ON, and I recompiled the nvidia kernel source and changed settings in there such as adding -03 -march=i686 on the Makefile and changing settings inside os-registry.c by making it fixed to using Agp4x and enabling Via AGP (i dont know but i know i have VIA mobo and it was off so i turned it on), recompiled and everything works no problemo.

It worked also when i ran the normal installer but I just wanted to see if i could optimize it more. Btw, im using drivers 4363 because 4496 has some strange artifacts bug on my OpenGL screens when im working on 3D apps or 3d games which utilize Opengl. (I posted this problem, no one helped me or even replied..weak)
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