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well, i have had nothin but problems with game,

hard locks, eax is broken,performance issues, mouse and movement issues.I have a pretty nice gaming rig.p4c@3500 ic7-g,9800pro,audigy 2, 1 gig of ram, and it runs like crap, uttter crap. I have zero isssues with any other game out there so its not my box.i have gone as for as going to back tostock speeds on everything and still the same issues. theres supposedly a patch on the way next week, thats supposed to solve some of these issues, but right now, i feel ripped off.

Microsoft and bungie reportledly put the collective squeeze on gearbox to get this game out the door yesterday.The games is absolutly fun to play, has a great story line, and mp is a blast, when i can get it to run.Theres absolutly no excuse for this.

the wierd thing is the beta 1.5 was supposed to run much better than this.what happened.
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