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Question VDPAU 9400GT MPEG2 artifacts

I have posted this before on other threads and have read of others with the same kind of problem. Still no answers.
My myth box is a Asus M2N68-VM motherboard with 4GB of ram and a AM2 5400 CPU. I bought a MSI 9400GT with fan.
I cannot play MPEG2 files without colored blocks appearing.
All Australian TV is MPEG2.
The blocks appear most when there is a scene change. If a scene is mostly blue and the next scene is mostly white there will be a lot of blue blocks. Most fast moving scenes will have these blocks. The blocks sometimes contain a previous scene's graphics in them.
i am using avenards repos on mythbuntu jaunty 64 bit. Nvidia driver 190.18

My mum has the same motherboard in her myth box with the same OS and i just plugged in an Asus 8400GS silent. She does not get the blocks.
If i pause a show and step through a show the blocks appear in the same place. I thought the streams were currupt but,,
If i use standard decoder (ffmpeg) with VDPAU i do not get the blocks.
Even my Bluray MPEG2 movies like IceAge2 show the blocks. All other Blurays such as H264 play perfectly. Thank You.
i have tried all i know to get rid of them. I had seen some PRE EMPT errors but a bios reset may have stopped that. I still get blocks on MPEG2.
I set up a friends Myth box with inbuilt 8200, he does not get blocks
I watched tv today with the blocks appearing and captured the log, the only error i see is
VDPAU nvidia: Error detected 2 195
Is this the cause?
PLEASE Stephen Warren, help me!... log included
Thank you
Steve Walton
P.S i used to go to school with a Stephen Warren in England, but i suspect it is not you.
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