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Default Re: LCD/Screensavers

Originally Posted by Badboy_12345 View Post
I havent experianced this with any lcd that I have had and I was an early adopter and have had lcd monitors for a long time. I call BS or that it happens in very specific scenarios, for example having a static image in full brightness sitting there for 1 week
My old LCD monitor would 'ghost' images that were static for a long period of time. It usually happened when there was very bright white against dark or black. If i switched to full dark or black screen i would be able to see the bright image ever so slightly. It isn't BS and is definately quite common you just dont notice it most of the time.

Like Crainger i have my monitor go into standby after 10 mins to reduce the chances of this happening, although i musyt say i have yet to see it happen on the monitor im using now.
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