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Default Re: Project: Lan theater.

Originally Posted by Bman212121 View Post
That's not really the best idea Kasucode. You need to do another seperate circuit if you're going to run that kind of juice because you will overload the outlets or possibly chain too many things onto one power strip causing it to blow. You won't find a 120V 30A wall socket with a normal plug on it. If you used a PDU you might be able to hook that directly to a larger plug but it would be easier to seperate the outlets with different circuits.
I think a 20A breaker would work fine. If I run a seprate outlet with a diffrent circuit (20a)run it into my room and use it to run power strips under the desks. like these

Not that I would ever use near that many plugs. But you think that would work fine?

That would make it two 20A lines to my room.

And thanks

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