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Yes, strange things are afoot here, no doubt. However I am commited to giving nvidia the benefit of the doubt in this, since they are at least attempting to provide us with drivers. (the reason why i havent returned my card for a radeon). It's just frustrating to me is all.

I havent gone home for lunch to see if i could still reboot and get the whole shebang working (half afraid to touch my machine now that its working, but that is no way to live with your computer!).

I'll poke around my makefile and see if changing anything there might help as well. (hope hope). THough I still havent found where to turn off acpi in my bios. maybe when i upgrade the bios it'll show up .

Thanks for replying at least. Glad to know some people out there care! Maybe i'll also try rolling back to 4363 and see if that might help things along somewhat...

All i want is my darn q3 back!
Je ne sais RIEN!
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