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Originally posted by Richthofen
as long as i don't see a huge difference in quality i won't care what Nvidia replaces in that game.
ATI payed VALVE to code that game the way they wan't to have it.
If Nvidia now replaces some things for their cards. Fine...
Pretty funny. Nice 8 Mio dollar investment
How long are you going to keep regurgitating the garbage that NVidia PR feeds you?

There is going to be a huge difference in quality because the standard DX9 codepath contains many features such as HDR lighting (which looks absolutely breathtaking imo) and other DX9 effects that the NV3x can't do. You are just being ignorant if you think that there isn't going to be any huge visual difference.

And again, more accusations. There is a reason why its not called the ATI codepath. Thats because it is the standard DX9 codepath. Not just ATI is going to be using this. XGI Volari, and Deltacrome will all be using this path because it is the industry standard. There's not going to be the "Volari codepath" or "Deltacrome codepath". Its NVidias own fault for deviating from DX9 specifications. If they cut their losses and got over the whole entire MS / FP16/24/32 debate and redesigned the NV3x design after the first release, and actually implemented DX9 features like HDR correctly, we probably wouldn't be in this mess. ATI only payed for packaging HL2 with their upcoming video card, as well as $15 for each copy of HL2 included. Valve simply went with ATI because they had the best and ONLY hardware capable of running the standard DX9 codepath.
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